Board of Education


Latosha Brown, President

Katie Wingard, Vice-President

Megan Miller, Treasurer

Marilyn McClure, Board Member

Shannon Whited, Board Member

Brian Flint, Board Member

Clayton Norvell, Board Member


The regular monthly meeting of the Strasburg C-3 Board of Education is a meeting in which the individual members of the Board of Education and the Superintendent are regular participants in an open public meeting. Other individuals, most frequently administrators and employees of the District, may be scheduled to make presentations as indicated on the agenda.

To provide for full and open communication between the public and the Board of Education, the Board authorizes the following avenues for the exchange of information, ideas, and opinions.

Written correspondence may be directed to the Board, through the superintendent, for consideration at a meeting. Statements of two pages or less are encouraged.

Any member of the public who wishes to have an item placed on the agenda will present the request in writing to the Superintendent of Schools. The request must be submitted pursuant to Board policy and received five (5) business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

From time to time, the Board will schedule a public hearing to receive input on matters of concern to the community, such as settling the district’s tax rate. The public will be provided notice of such hearings as required by law.

A specifically designated time will be set aside for public comments at regular meetings of the Board of Education. The following rules will be applied to the public comment portion of the meeting:

The Board will establish a time limit for the public comment period.

No individual will be permitted to speak more than once during this period.

The Board will establish a uniform time limit for each speaker.

Only items from the posted agenda may be discussed.

The school district policy provides that any concern should initially be addressed to the appropriate action level before coming to the Board of Education. As individuals and as a Board, we are interested in the issues and concerns of the patrons of our school district. We appreciate your interest in the education of our students.