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Strasburg C-3 Board of Education

January 19, 2023, Board Meeting- Media Summary


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Addition/Removal of Items from the Agenda

  • 610.021 (3) Hiring, terminating, disciplining, or promoting was added to closed session.

Approval of the Agenda


A. Approval of minutes for December 15, 2022

B. Approval of January bills

C. Approval of Financial Report for December

D. Superintendent’s Report




  • Current enrollment is 120
  • PH enrollment: 23
  • Lone Jack enrollment 20
  • 2nd Quarter Honor Roll
    • A-Honor Roll - 33%
    • B-Honor Roll - 31%
  • Four have filed for School Board, 3 seats are open - (Ballot Order)
    • Megan Miller
    • Katie Wingard
    • David Russell
    • Clayton Norvell
  • After speaking with F&C Bank, they raised our interest rates from 0.3% to 3.0% on all accounts. Since they are a local business, and very supportive, we will leave our other $500,000 with them instead of moving it to MOCAAT. This will allow us to grow the $500,00 while it is sitting in the MOCAAT account.



Jan 10

4th & 5th STEAM After School & Good News Club


Jan 17

6th - 8th STEAM After School


Jan 24

4th & 5th STEAM After School & Good News Club


Jan 30

Teacher Professional Development


Jan 31

6th - 8th STEAM After School

Tornado drill @ 3:00


Feb 3

“Surprise Drill”


Feb 4

PTO Father-Daughter Dance


Feb 7

4th & 5th STEAM After School & Good News Club


Feb 14

6th -8th STEAM After School.

Classroom Valentine’s Day Parties


Feb 16

Board Meeting @ 6:00


Feb 21

4th & 5th STEAM After School & Good News Club


Feb 22

Tornado Drill @ 1:30


Feb 28

6th-8th STEAM After School


We have purchased a membership into Diligent Community, which is a Board Document Management Software. Beginning next month, board members will receive a link to the board agenda that will have all supporting documents linked to the appropriate area of your agenda. Laura will then be able to project the meeting onto a screen allowing everyone in attendance to view the meeting as it progresses. It will also allow her to take real-time minutes. You will need to bring your Ipad to all meetings to access all documents.

The link that you will receive is a secured link that will only be accessible to you by a password.  Once Laura and I have received training and the sites are up and running, we will send you login information and a video about how to set up your account. It will be sent to your school email account. 

This software will also link directly to our website and will house all community agendas. It meets the requirements for MUSIC Cyber-security regulations as well.


Our current F&C sweep checking account earns us 0.3% or around $2,000/year in interest on $1 million dollars. I have moved $500,000 (half of our balance) into a MOCAAT operating account which will earn us 4.3% interest. This is a liquid account that will allow us to transfer funds monthly into our F&C checking account to pay bills and payroll without penalty (it is just like our F&C sweep account at a much higher interest rate). Making this move will earn us around $40,000/year in interest moving forward (that’s a teacher). 


Initial exploration of food service contractors offered the following information:

1. We can keep our food service employees until their retirement or withdrawal from the district.

 2. The provider will offer training to current staff, monitor and evaluate their performance, and will have a food service director that checks in weekly; this allows our staff to continue to pay into PEERS and prevents them from moving over to Social Security.

 3. The provider will order all food, create menus that meet state nutrition requirements, file for state payment and be in charge of our food audits. They will also train the cooks in preparing the food from scratch with the ultimate goal of serving 80% of our students. Currently, we are serving lunch to about 42% of our students. This would increase our state food service funding.

4. RFPs for food service are directed by DESE. I currently have a meeting scheduled to explore this process in detail.

 5. If we would like to move ahead with this process, I can place it on an upcoming board agenda.


Training dates for teachers in grades K-5 have been confirmed for next school year. It will kick off with a one-hour virtual introduction on May 25, 2023. Teachers will need to spend a lot of time during the summer studying and planning the online teaching modules. RPDC will then be at Strasburg on August 17, October 16, Jan 22, and March 11th for training, this is for year-one teachers. We have two teachers in the second year of the program that will still need to go to Warrensburg four times for the training since they are one year ahead of everyone else. We will then complete the year two training on-site during the 2024-2025 school year. 

 Since 90% of this training will take place during off-contracted hours, I would like to provide a stipend for teachers upon completion of each year. There is currently literacy grant money offered through DESE to cover the expense of the stipends. I am waiting on that grant to go live so I can apply. I will bring the stipends to the board once I have more information about the grant.


MUSIC has adopted seven control measures to help protect schools against nefarious cyberattacks. These controls come from a combination of insurance industry mandates and national cybersecurity standards. In order to keep our cyber deductible at $10,000, members will be required to implement the controls by July 1, 2023. After that date, if the controls are not in place at the time of a breach, our deductible would go up to $50,000. After checking with QNS, we already have the required controls in place, except for two-factor authentications for staff devices and which will be installed in June.


YTD Comparison – Thru 12/31



YTD Last Year Total (2021)



**YTD This Year Total (2022)



YTD Last Year Operating (2021)



**YTD This Year Operating (2022)




** Bond Revenues haven’t been pulled down to offset the cost of Phase 1 work expenditures.

Those funds were pulled down on January 3, 2023, and will be reported next month.

Notes on Yearly Expenditures and Revenues: Expenditures are also higher than

Revenues because we have spent ESSER III Funds, Governor’s Salary Grant Funds, and Grow Your Own Grant Funds. We have received $3,385.60 in reimbursement on those funds, the rest won’t be drawn down until the Spring.


Received Thru 12/31/21

Received Thru 12/31/22

Local Revenue

Current Taxes



Prop C



Delinquent Taxes




County Revenue









State Revenue





Classroom Trust Fund



Small Schools Grant



Basic Formula




A. The board voted to retract the previous approval of the 2023-2024 District Calendar due to an error in counted days of attendance.

B. The board approved the 2023-2024 District Calendar.


A. The board approved the extra and co-curricular activities program evaluation.

B.  The board approved a Middle School wrestling co-op with Lone Jack. This program will be available to middle school boys and girls.

C. The board voted to Let Bids for playground fencing.

D. The board voted to excuse the absences of board members due to work obligations.

E. The board voted to go into closed session.



A. The board approved the closed session minutes from the November 17, 2022 meeting.

B. The board heard mid-year teacher evaluations, but no action was taken.

C. The board approved the hiring of Kailey Griffith as a full-time substitute teacher for the 2023-2024 school year.

D. The board approved the hiring of Pam Mollenhour as District Counselor and Gifted teacher for the 2023-24 school year.

E. The board approved adding an additional year to Dr. Mayfield’s contract.

F. The board voted to end close session and return to open session.


No additional business.


The board voted to adjourn the meeting.